About Us

We are a nonprofit organization that helps pet owners rehome their pets into an environment where they will flourish and feel loved. We strive to give our community the better choice to adopt not shop, by helping people connect easily and conveniently on our platform to rehome or adopt pets. 

Our Story

Hello, our names are Layan and Daan Alshaghab, two aspiring sisters, and 1 year ago our lives turned upside down when we ended up with 13 cats all at once.

We would wake up every day wondering how we'll be able to take care of all of them, keep up with their expenses, and vet visits.

Rehoming them and finding a fit home for them was really hard and time-consuming. 

At that moment we realized that the market for adopting and rehoming pets in our community was extremely lacking and there was little to no choice for people to adopt or rehome.

This prompted us to start this nonprofit organization to help others, in our shoes, worldwide find the perfect home for their perfect pet.

Our values:

Here at purrfect pet, we make sure that every person that reaches us, gets to see Reliability, Commitment, Consistency, Honesty, Efficiency, and respect from us.

Our Services:

  • We provide people with help from their region's co-leader, that will Make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • We provide a meetup location for pet owners and adopters.

  • We provide assistance with any complication that may happen during this whole process of rehoming or adopting your purrfect pet.

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