Fluffy, playful, and cute

Breed: American Wirehair

Age: 2 or 3 Years Old

Gender: Male

Why is he being rehomed? because he grew :(

Medical history: Healthy but Not Neutered

Region: Jeddah, Jama area


Calm, affectionate, and playful

Breed: American Shorthair orange tabby

Age: 1 Years Old

Gender: Male

Why is he being rehomed? he needs a home after being rescued

Medical history: Has a cross neck and not neutered

Region: Jeddah, Al rugamah


Cute, sweet, laidback

Breed: Short haired brown tabby

Age: 2 Years Old

Gender: Male

Why is he being rehomed? He was abandoned

Medical history: FIV positive

Region: Huston, Texas

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